Managed Services

Not all businesses can afford the costs of an in-house IT staff. But all businesses can benefit from a service provider that has their back.

Proactive Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of your computers’ critical components ensures your network environment has the highest reliability and availability. As problems, or signs of problems, are detected they’re addressed automatically and escalated should they require further attention.

Preventive Maintenance: Regularly scheduled maintenance runs the necessary preventive maintenance on your machines necessary to keep them operating optimally.

Technical Support: Not all situations can be predicted, monitored or prevented. Some problems require a hands-on approach. Technical support is always available.

Managed Services Tailored to Your Needs: Not all businesses require the same level of care and attention. Sometimes a cookie-cutter approach to services just won’t do. Lathrop I.T. Consulting will provide you with a customized plan tailored to meet your needs.