Lathrop I.T. Consulting offers two plans for support services. Both plans are designed to provide excellent security and monitoring of your environment at affordable rates.

If you’re a smaller business or don’t make many calls for I.T. support the Security and Monitoring plan may be a good fit for you. For those businesses that are larger, or have more frequent calls for technical support, the Managed Services plan may help you stabilize your I.T. support costs.


Security Software

All computers receive two layers of security protection. First the antivirus uses a multiple methods to identify malicious code. Next, every computer gets another security software designed to to peek into the nooks and crannies that antivirus might overlook. This software watches the behavior of what’s running on your computer, and identifies malicious code. All security software is monitored by Lathrop I.T. Consulting to ensure it’s updated and operational, and issues can be addressed promptly.

Monitoring – Hardware, Software, Patches

Hardware and software can both experience problems. Many times there are warnings prior to a significant failure. Proactive monitoring of your devices can identify problems more quickly, for a faster resolution.

Operating system patches are monitored to ensure your systems are up-to-date with the latest security releases. Frequently, patches have trouble installing on the computer and it will fail. Usually, the end user is not notified of this, and before you know it, your computer is missing several months worth of important security updates, leaving your environment vulnerable. By monitoring the individual status of each patch on each computer problematic patches can be identified and resolved.

Technical Support

Not all situations can be predicted, monitored or prevented. Some problems require a hands-on approach. Technical support is always available.


The Managed Services plan offers all the benefits of the Security and Monitoring plan PLUS:

Priority Service

Support for these devices is prioritized so the critical issues get addressed first. This reduces your down-time, saving you money and frustration.

Technical Support Included

The last thing you need when there’s a problem is more stress. Don’t worry about the cost of fixing your computers. Under the Managed Services plan, there’s no extra charge for fixing what broke.

Microsoft Office Licenses

All users are provided licenses for Microsoft Office.



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