Network Security


Lathrop I.T. Consulting provides the network management that ensures your computers, regardless of where they are in the world, are communicating securely and efficiently with each other, your customers and the rest of the world.

Large or small, every business relies on an efficient, secure network to get the job done. From the simple tasks of browsing the web and sending email, to more complex efforts such as securely joining remote locations into one secured network (VPNs), today’s networks have a lot of parts that require knowledgeable expertise to ensure they’re functioning properly.

Making your devices talk to each other is only part of the effort. It has to be done securely. Every day a large business makes headlines with reports of a security breach. For every one big company that makes headlines, hundreds more smaller businesses are hacked, user and customer data stolen, and the business shutdown.

Security has many aspects: ensuring proper user access to files, blocking hackers, preventing malicious software, identifying the malicious activities of a disgruntled employee, predicting hardware failures, recovering from software bugs, and many more. Securing your network from threats requires specialized tools, continuous monitoring, and the knowledge to understand the threats of today’s world.

Access Controls: Ensuring the right people – and only the right people – have access to your network and its resources.

Monitoring:  Watching your network both inside and outside for malicious activities.

Prevention:  Finding opportunities for a security breach and closing it before something bad happens.

Remediation:  Knowing how to resolve security problems when they strike, and doing so quickly.

The good news is, a FREE assessment is available to you. You can get a full understanding of just how (in)secure your business is; how vulnerable are you, and where those vulnerabilities lie.

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