Backups are the first line of defense in protecting your business. There was a time when simply copying files was sufficient. Businesses today need to have access to their data even during the most serious disaster.

Lathrop I.T. Consulting provides industry-leading backup solutions.

Business Continuity

Access to your data. Always.

Threats come from many places. Employees may intentionally or maliciously delete or modify a file. Ransomware will encrypt your files until pay a fee. Hardware failures will corrupt or destroy your data.

  • With continuous backups running, you never risk losing more than a few minutes of work.
  • File-level recovery and full system restoration are just minutes away.
  • Virtualization allows us to create a brand new instance of your server(s), based on the most recent backup, in just minutes.
  • Secure cloud virtualization guarantees access to your data securely through the cloud, should a disaster strike your local office (such as a fire).

If you rely on your business, rely on a customized business continuity plan designed by experts.

How it Works

Protecting Your Systems

To start, we will review your business requirements and risk tolerance. Using them as the guidelines, we will create a business continuity plan to meet your needs. (If you would like to read more about some of the details involved in this process, you can my article here.)

Next, we will install a computer dedicated to storing and managing images of all systems we are protecting. We capture a baseline full image of each machine. The baseline image contains the operating system, all installed programs, databases, data files, everything that exists at that point in time.

A geographically separate data center will receive an encrypted copy of your baseline image. Having a geographically remote data center is important. It protects you from regional-wide events that could bring down both your office and the data center.

As you make changes to your data, we capture those changes, and securely store them both locally and remotely.

Recovering from a Failure

When you need to recover, we can pick a point in time from which to recover, reach inside the backup files and recover individual files.

In the case of a total server failure, the business continuity computer can create a virtual server from the images.

Should your entire office be down, the data resides securely in the cloud at the geographically remote data center. We can create highly secured, encrypted connections from your computers at your temporary office to the data center. At the data center we can spin up virtual servers based on those backup images.

If you’re concerned about security, do not worry. The strongest encryption available protects your information locally, during transit across the Internet to the data center, and at the data center itself.

Managed, Monitored, Tested

A fully-managed process gives you piece of mind. Continuous monitoring catches any problems that arise. Automated and manual testing provides confidence in the reliability and availability of your data. You will receive scheduled reports to keep you informed of the status of your business continuity solution.

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