Where to Begin With Network Security

Small businesses are increasingly under attack from cybercriminals. Not only are the attacks themselves increasing, but the cost to businesses to resolve the damage is increasing. Some interesting facts from 2020: 2020 was already the “worst year on record” by the end of Q2 in terms of the total number of records exposed. By the … Read more

Work From Home Securely

COVID-19 has required many people to suddenly work from home. But that doesn’t mean businesses can get lax on their security. As a matter of fact, with a distributed workforce using devices not previously managed and secured by the business, security has become a big problem for most businesses. Many companies face the question of … Read more

Changing Your Email Address

Planning to change your email address? Follow my guide for a smooth transition that keeps you connected to your customers.

Your Baseline Information Security Policy

Your information is the lifeblood of your business. Without it, you have no business. Some industries, like the legal field, create a higher standard to protect the confidentiality of your client information. But you know this. You understand the importance of protecting your data. The real question is, how? What specific things do you need … Read more

Considerations for Developing Your Backup Plan

WHY BACKUPS ARE IMPORTANT Computer backups are critical to your business. The Number 1 cause of data loss for businesses is its own end-users. Whether accidental or intentionally malicious, end-users are the primary cause of data loss for any business. Add to that other risks such as hardware failure, viruses and other malicious software, theft, natural … Read more

And Just Like That, All Wireless Network Are Now Hacked

A major new vulnerability has been announced today that breaks all wireless networks. This is a serious issue that requires everyone’s attention, as you are affected by this security flaw. What is Affected WPA2. The technology used to create a secured connection between your wireless devices and the network. Who is Affected Every device that … Read more